Damn Deer

November 11, 2006 at 5:25 am | Posted in animals, family | 1 Comment

My parents went off to Nebraska last weekend to visit with my grandparents. Grandpa’s birthday, Grandma’s birthday and their anniversary (64 years of bliss-thank you very much) are all in just an 18 day time span.

Anyway, I got an email from my mom this morning. Yesterday they had all gone on a day trip. On the way back a deer jumped out and hit the car. Busted up my mom’s nice car, broke the mirror and they have to get a new radiator before they can even make the trip back here to Phoenix next week. Perfect.

My grandparents live in a town that my great, great grandfather (a traveling preacher that started many midwestern towns eons ago by building churches in the middle of nowhere) founded. Now, this town is so small that when the (count ’em all now) 1 policeman in town goes home for lunch or the end of the day, he puts a closed sign on the police station. Now that is a little town! So how far (with a busted radiator) do you think they are going to have to drive to have the radiator fixed?

Mom said no one was hurt (thank you, God). Not even the DAMN DEER! Now, does that seem fair? I mean I certainly would never wish the deer any pain for his stupidity. I am sure he is sitting at home right now complaining about the Damn Car that hit me and the people aren’t even hurt. With his dear deer fawning (puns intended) all over him. However, it isn’t like you can make the deer pay for any damages. Now the insurance company has to get involved and raise the premiums. Like I said. Not fair.

Anyway, all, we are off to go to dinner. Have a great weekend until next time……


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