Baby Blankets and Birds

November 14, 2006 at 2:16 pm | Posted in animals, family, friends | Leave a comment

Hi all! This weekend I am hosting, yes hosting, a baby shower for a very good friend of mine. Any one of you going through fertility problems knows how hard this is going to be. I am hosting with a mutual friend (whom I like but she is one of those friends that you can only take so much of because after about 30 seconds she gets on your nerves! but somehow you are friends anyway). The point of this isn’t really about the shower. Really. Although, the mutual friend and the pregnant friend decided that we could organize, invite, plan, and throw this shower in 2 weeks time. I begged for 3 or 4 weeks but I was outvoted. Now I am scrambling! ARGH!!!!

Anyway, I have been crocheting my fingers to the bone! I am trying to get a baby blanket done before the shower. I just started it on Saturday. Working like a fiend except when I am on line or working. I crochet while homeschooling our daughter. I crochet while watching tv (like I ever get a chance to do that!). I’ll be crocheting while waiting for my Grandma tomorrow while she is in her doctor appointment that I have the priviledge of driving her to.

Yesterday, while working on the blanket I had help from 3 of our cockatiels. (We have 5 ‘tiels all together.) Today it was our Blue Fronted Amazon. That is right. In addition to trying to have another baby in one way or another, we have pets. Lots of them. We have adopted most of them. Mainly because people know we have one (of whatever) and they know someone who has one that needs a new home.

So, here I was trying to crochet and the cockatiels thought I needed help pulling the yarn out of the skein. Today, the Amazon thought I wasn’t doing it right so she had to help me use the crochet hook. Well, you know, it is red, shiny, metal, and impossible to chew up therefore, one must try harder over and over. Very intriguing. Of course, you have to be a bird to understand this logic or at least live with one.

Well, back to the whole baby shower thing. I have to be at work at 5 AM on Sunday, work until at least 1 and I probably won’t take a break just so I can finish. Then go to the mutual friend’s house for the shower at 3 (20 minutes away). Then go out to dinner with my boss and the rest of our managers at 8 PM. Boss is paying. Dinner is a celebration and thank you from
her. Nice.

I dread Sunday simply because everything is on the same flipping day. I am going to be very exhausted and very crabby. My poor husband and daughter. Then Monday it is back to work as usual. Homeschool during the day and work at 3. I am tired already thinking of it.

Besides all the work, is the emotional BS of dealing with a baby shower. Depressing. I am extremely happy for my friend and excited for her (her due date is Christmas eve) but …well…you all know what I mean.

I guess I’d better get ready for work now. I have to leave in just a few minutes and I am far behind already. Behinder and Behinder every day.

Have a great time until we meet again……


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