Crazy People

November 14, 2006 at 11:06 am | Posted in People | 1 Comment

The other day I was at work.  I am a manager in a retail environment.  The cashier calls me to the register because a customer wanted us to do something that we just don’t do.  Price match our on line store.  I explained to him over and over that no, I couldn’t do that and why.  He told me at least 50 times that I was wrong.  (Because you know I don’t know how to do my job without his help of course.)  This went on for several minutes.  Many more than it should have admittedly.  I told him that he needed to leave my store.  (Now I have never gotten mad at a customer in front of a customer in my nearly 20 years in retail.  I may get mad but I finish with customer before I show it and then vent in the office.  This guy pissed me off and he knew it!)  By this time there are several customers in line and the cashier, who is standing between the customer and I, can’t even call for a backup cashier because the customer and I are now having a very heated disagreement.  Now there is the cashier and a wall, the cash register, the counter, and the credit card machine between the customer and I the entire time this is going on.  Next thing I know the customer tells me I am a bad manager and that I suck at my job.  Then tells me he isn’t trying to create a scene (before I can even process the information that I suck and am a bad manager).  My jaw about drops to the floor (or at least, it felt that far).  I finally found my voice and brain cells and said “I’m done here” and I walked away. 

 I was off the next two days and when I came back I asked my store manager about this guy.  I had left a 3 or 4 page note (excuse me…letter) about what had happened so she was aware in case anything came about.  She said his girlfriend called the next day.  She swore she was there (no she wasn’t unless she is the invisible girlfriend because neither my cashier or I saw her).  She also swears that I pushed this guy several times and nearly knocked him down.  If I was a guy apparently I would have been punched out according to the invisible girlfriend because he has an anger management problem.  Now, aside from how much space and stuff was between us and the fact that I am 5 feet tall exactly and weigh about 110 and Mr. Anger Management is at least 5’10” and weighs more than 200 lbs., I find this very hard to believe.  So does my boss.  I busted out laughing.  She also thought it was funny.  Again.  She had been laughing for 2 days about this. 

My boss tells Miss Invisible Girlfriend that she finds this story incredibly hard to believe since (according to my boss) “the manager on duty last night has the best customer service skills of any manager I have ever had”.  (Thank you very much boss!)  Boss then tells other manager in the office after phone call about Miss Invisible Girlfriend (who at this time they don’t realize is invisible) and they both start laughing.  Glad I could be of service to them. 

Since that day last week, we haven’t heard anything from Miss Invisible Girlfriend or Mr. Anger Management.  I guess she realized she was invisible and they were both just idiots that we did not take seriously.  By the way, Boss told Miss Invisible Girlfriend that I was right about what I told Mr. Anger Management that I could not do (thank you again Boss). 

So, here is to Crazy People!  Thank you for giving us all something to laugh about for days.

Until next time my pretties……..


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  1. Thanks for stopping by, Lisa. I’m looking forward to following your progress. If you have any questions I can help with, I’d be happy to try and answer.

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