Baby Shower and Pregnant Girls!

November 20, 2006 at 12:44 pm | Posted in children, friends, People | Leave a comment

The baby shower for my girlfriend went really well.  She got a lot of really nice stuff.  She knows she is having a boy (due Christmas Eve) and so she got everything in blue, of course.  It turned out really great.  Everyone had a good time.  I didn’t get everything done for the shower that I wanted but no one noticed.  In fact, Mike had to help me get stuff done.  I did not finish the afghan because I need more yarn and no one has any in stock of the color and brand I need.  I guess she’ll just have to get it when the baby is born.  Although I got a really cool basket to put it in when I do give it to them. 

I had a few things I wanted to accomplish on my 2 days off last week (Thursday and Friday).  I had a Dr. appointment on Thursday.  Just a regular annual.  Everyone in the waiting room, however, was sick.  I felt fine.  Had my check up, went home, started to work on baby shower stuff and ran out of energy.  Started sneezing and became exhausted.  By dinner time I had to admit that I might be getting a cold.  By bedtime, I felt awful.  I got what everyone at the dr.’s office was coughing.  Thank you so much everyone there.  Word of advice:  Do NOT Make An Appointment For A Regular Check Up In November!!!!  Everyone else in the waiting room is sick and will share it with you. 

I went to work Saturday, felt awful.  Told my boss it was her fault since she had it the week before and kept teasing me that she wanted to share.  She laughed and just said she loves me and of course, wanted to share it.  Then on Sunday she and I went to work before 4 am.  Yes, that is before God wakes up on Sunday mornings.  Worked until after 10 (was supposed to stay until 12 but boss said she knew I wasn’t feeling well and that I had a ton of stuff to do for the shower yet – nice boss).  Went home and Mike was hungry and wanted to go out for breakfast.  Did some running for the shower, came home and took a 30 minute nap.  Thank God!  Feeling much worse by this time.  Finished wrapping baby gifts, got dressed, loaded car, spilled meatball juice out of crock pot all over floor of my SUV all the way to the shower, yippee for me.  Made it through shower, hopefullly without sharing my cold with anyone, especiallly my dear friend Renee because she is the mommy to be.

Today, I feel dead.  I am so worn out.  Between the hours I worked all weekend and having this rotten cold and the emotionally drain and the stress just from planning the shower, I would love to go to bed and wake up sometime after the new year.  Doesn’t that sound wonderful? 

Now for the really great blow of last week.  Wednesday, I was at work and one of the other managers brought one of the employees to me to tell me that she needed to go home.  I asked why and the manager said that she had found the girl sobbing in the bathroom.  Now this is an 18 year old girl, just graduated from high school a few months ago and who is going to college.  I asked what was wrong.  The girl is 4 weeks pregnant.  (Thanks for the kick in the teeth!)  She has told me since she started that she doesn’t like kids and never wants to have them.  (Since I wrote this yesterday, I have found out that she was actually TRYING to get pregnant.  She told me last night that she had ordered an Ovulation Test and hasn’t even received it yet!  How can these supposedly bright people be so stupid?)  She did not think she could get pregnant because 2 years ago she had cancer (somewhere in that female region, I can’t remember exactly), so she and her boyfriend hadn’t been worried about protection.  She was crying because she was cramping very badly.  I sent her home and told her to go to the emergency room first.  (They checked her out and everything is fine.)

I went to tell my boss that I would be shorthanded that night because this was going on.  Boss then tells me that one of the other girls (a 21 year old whose boyfriend also works there and they don’t make enough money each month to cover their apartment) is also pregnant.  We had all been thinking so for about 6 weeks or so but she finally admitted it.  (Kick in the teeth number 2.) 

By this time, I am thinking that I will never be able to eat again unless I get some dentures.  2 blows in about 5 minutes’ time.  The other manager (that had brought the girl to me) and I started talking.  We are both really upset.  I have had 3 miscarriages and she has had 5.  Both of us are trying to get pregnant.  Both of us are older than these girls.  Both of us need dentures now.  Life just isn’t fair is it?  2 girls from one small company who are too young, and don’t make enough money to support themselves are both pregnant.  One of them doesn’t even like kids and never wanted any.  (Although I think a lot of that was trying to convince herself because she thought she’d never be able to have them.) 

Well, that in a nutshell, although totally backward, was the end of my week through the weekend.  Crazy, exhausting, frustrating, very draining.  Here’s to hoping Thanksgiving week is a much better one. 

If I don’t write another page before Thursday, then I wish you all a very nice Thanksgiving.  If you are travelling, please be safe.  Enjoy your family, friends, and loved ones.  Have a blessed holiday.

 Until next time……


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