It’s in the Water!

November 29, 2006 at 10:58 am | Posted in adoption, children, family, friends, People | Leave a comment

Everyone who has ever dealt with miscarriages and infertility knows that when someone you know gets pregnant, it feels like a smack in the face or a punch in the gut.  You also know, if you have read my other blogs, that 2 girls at work are pregnant.  2 way too young to be having children girls. 

Now we work retail (meaning not a big paycheck at all) and while it is a national company, we only have 12 employees in our store.  3 are men.  Yesterday, I found out that 2 more girls think they are pregnant as well.  Both are a little older than the 2 that are, they are in their mid 20’s.  However, (several others at work are saying this and I agree) these 2 should not be having kids.  One is literally very unstable emotionally in addition to financially.  Her boyfriend rarely holds a job and she goes from nice to very scary in .01 seconds.  Our boss has even told her that she is unstable.  Also, she hates kids and has sworn she never wants any.  Ever!  Her family history of emotionally unstable people is quite strong as well.  What I am saying is that everyone who knows this girl is really scared of her reproducing.  Whether she raises the baby or not. 

 The second one…ugh.  Ok, she and her boyfriend have only been back together a few months.  Her family hates him.  Her sister wouldn’t even allow him to come to her wedding in October.  I have seen him once and he is scary.  He recently lost his job. Before they got back together, she was living with another guy (we’re talking less than 3 months ago), and even after she got back together with the boyfriend, she and the other guy were still secretly talking, texting, and meeting each other.  The current boyfriend had an order of protection out against her until after they got back together.  He had to go to court a few weeks after she moved back in with him to have it removed.  This is just the tip of the iceberg with them.  They think they are having a baby. 

These 2 instances scare me more than the 2 kids that are pregnant.  At least the kids are in more stable relationships (they have been with their boyfriends for 3 years each) with guys who actually keep their jobs and are not emotionally unstable or dating guys who are emotionally unstable.  The first girl that thinks she is pregnant (the one who is really scary) quite often is homeless and living in her truck.  Why?  Because she doesn’t make much money and her boyfriend can’t keep a job.  Not that I am saying anything against her because of that but that is no way to raise a baby.

Ok, so if you were doing the math, 12 employees, 3 are men, 2 are pregnant, 2 think they are.  That leaves 5 people not pregnant.  Now the joke at work is of course…”It’s in the water!”  My boss keeps saying that from now on whenever she hires someone new she will not be doing a drug test but she will be doing pregnancy tests and may even start doing them randomly for those of us already at work.  Everyone thinks this is pretty funny, but, with miscarriages and infertility in my life, I am just not laughing. 

Ok, so I got this off my chest.  I guess I will stop here for now.  Until next time kiddos…….


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