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Ok.  So I have been gone for a very long time.  Very good reason.  I started to get sick and couldn’t get on the computer.  Made me very ill.  In fact, just knowing that the computer was in the corner of the room made me ill.  To actually get on the computer made me throw up.  (Sorry if you were trying to eat.)  Why was I so sick?  Well, the most amazing thing happened.  After 11 years, I was finally pregnant again!!!!

July 28 was my due date.  We were so excited.  I actually found out at only 2 1/2 weeks pregnant because I went in for a regular annual well woman visit.  I was terrified!  Terrified?  Yes.  After 11 years of nothing with the exception of 3 miscarriages I was terrified.  I just couldn’t go through another loss.  This time, however, I had a good feeling.  The other times, I always felt something was wrong.  At 6 weeks on the dot, I started to get sick.  It was awful but it was great!  The first 2 miscarriages were at 7 weeks and I never got sick.  The 3rd was at 4 weeks and I never got sick.  This time I got sick (and boy did I get sick).  Just like with my first daughter.

I wish I could have blogged all about the pregnancy but I just couldn’t.  First I was sick.  Then, I felt guilty because I had just been blogging about not getting pregnant, the girls at work that were pregnant (both of which turned out fine and they have adorable little ones.  The one has a girl who is 1 1/2 and the other quit work right after and now has a little 13 month old boy.  The other 2 who thought they were pregnant weren’t.  The one with the scary boyfriend…well, let’s see.  She did eventually get pregnant, got married, they are doing much better, thank heaven.  Then, tragically at 16 weeks, she found out that the baby had died at 13 weeks.  A knot in the cord.

Back on subject, I felt guilty because I had read so many wonderful blogs where you all were talking about IVF and other methods and having no luck or just having to go through the whole ordeal.  Having just started my blog and been talking about our troubles to just have them disappear felt so disrespectful for me to do to anyone else.  So now here I am.  Back again.  Still a novice at this whole blogging thing. 

At work, after the one girl left, our boss hired another young pregnant girl.  I laughed at him and asked why, didn’t he already have enough hormonally challenged women working there already?  Hated her to begin with but not because she was pregnant (and too young and unmarried and….you get the idea).  It wasn’t because of that.  She was a pain in the ass!  “Oh, I can’t do that, I’m pregnant” about everything.  My boss was itching to tell her that I was pregnant (I wasn’t telling anyone because of what we had been through and the other girl (and now this one as well) were milking it for all they were worth.  Finally at 7 months I couldn’t hide it anymore.  (I’m only 5 feet tall and a little over 100 pounds so how big a shirt could I wear and still get away with it anyway?)  I told my boss go ahead.  Well, this new girl started in on “I can’t do that, I’m pregnant”.  Shawn (my boss) said “Look, Lisa is pregnant, high risk, 15 years older than you and look at all that she does every day.  Get your ass in gear and work!”  She just responded “Oh really! She’s pregnant, too?”  That mostly put an end to all her garbage though.  Anyway, just before we both had our babies (who are only 18 days apart) we finally became friends.  She has no family.  She was in foster care from the age of 6 and was moved from home to home so much that she never really bonded with any of them and she hasn’t seen her mom or dad since.  After all that, she has become one of our very good friends.  Even texts my brother-in-law who is single and lives in the midwest (we live in the southwest) and they have never even met.  He just saw a picture of her from our 1 year old daughter’s birthday and saw her in it.  I think he sort of fell in love.  Too cute.

Anyway, so our original due date was July 28.  I kept saying, “nope going to be born July 27 and I think it is a girl”.  At 6 weeks I went to the OB for the first time and she did an ultrasound and I saw the heart beating.  I sobbed!!  (The second miscarriage happened because the heart never started beating.)  At that time, the OB gave me a due date of July 31 based on the size of the baby.   So, then I started saying “July 27 and it IS a girl”.  People who knew me thought I was crazy.  By spring I was saying “July 27 – Girl with dark hair”.  My best friend is now getting freaked out.  (I had told her how many times I have said things like that and they have happened exactly like I said but that is another whole long story.)

The last week of July last year, my Grandma had a heart attack on Sunday morning.  Sunday night, I though for sure we were going to have that baby.  Then the contractions stopped.  All week at work I was having contractions.  7 minutes apart.  I took great delight (shame on me) in freaking out our customers and my best friend who is our cashier.  She was timing the contractions. 

On Thursday, I had no choice but to move some very heavy tables by myself at work while having contractions of course.  By this time, I was not worried about moving them.  I knew the baby was going to come in the next 24 hours.  I went to bed and contractions were 7 minutes apart.  At 3 am they were 5 minutes apart.  I got absoutely no sleep whatsoever.  Way too excited.  My husband got up and went to work in the morning.  I asked him where he was going.  “To work.”  What?!? my mind screamed, I am in labor here, helloooo!  Anyone in there?  “I’m in labor.”  “Call me when it is time to go.”  Again, WHAT?!?  Was he kidding me?  He came home around 10:30.  We went to 3 stores to walk around, and came home and napped in between each because I was exhausted.  We went out for lunch and stopped at the cloth diaper place, Yes, we are using cloth diapers.  The owner asked me how much longer.  I told her I was currently in labor.  Her dad was there and I think if he could have had a baby, he would have right there, right then.  He was a little freaked out. LOL

After our first birth, which was scary and a very long story, we decided to make this one different.  I thought that if all births were like that one, the human race would have died out a very long time ago.  So I researched (which I love to do) and came up with the Bradley Method.  We attended all 12 classes and we were ready to go.  My doctor (one of them – there are about 3 there) kept saying that he figured I’d probably need a c-section (again, another long story).  I was determined not to go C.  So, we really concentrated on Bradley. 

We got to the hospital and I could no longer talk during contractions.  My parents met us there.  (When our oldest was born we still lived in the midwest and they were out here so they did not get to see her birth, which, again, was scary.  We almost lost her.)  My water broke about an hour after getting to the hospital (we left home when contractions were 3 minutes apart).  I had about 7 good strong contractions.  I wanted to use the restroom.  The nurse checked me first and said “no way, you are not having this baby on the toilet!”  She called the OB in and he said “it’s too soon.”  “Oh yeah?  Look.”  So, he looked and said “Ok, Lisa, push.”  I said, “I’m only pushing twice”.  Why I said that I’ll never know.  I was in labor, what can I say.  So, I pushed twice and out came our beautiful little girl.  Who, by the way, was born on 7-27-2007, weighed 7 lbs, 2 ozs, with 2 pushes after 7 contractions (getting the them here?, she is also the 2nd baby and 2nd girl), and has dark hair. 

She is now 13 months old and the joy of our lives.  She is such a little comedienne.  She is definitely the comic relief in our home.  She thinks her sister walks on water (and most of the time, the feeling is mutual, I’m pretty sure).

So that pretty much catches you up to speed on our lives.  Sorry this is so long.  There are lots more stuff but that is the most important, exciting stuff.  My in-laws came for 10 days when baby was 8 weeks old. We had a great time.  My grandma has had 2 more minor heartattacks (can they ever really be minor?). My dad had both his knees replaced at the same time this summer.  My brother got engaged and moved to San Antonio and is getting married on our Grandparents’ 60th Anniversary.  I guess that is a great legacy. Our oldest became a teenager and our baby turned 1!  Wow!  Crazy year.  Now, my other best friend is getting married next October and I have the honor of being her matron of honor.  I am exhausted.  Are you?  Add to that the fact that I really want to go back to college and get a PhD in Holistic Health and …….. really wow.  Just gotta find the funds.

Well, gotta give the baby a bath and get her ready for bed and take a shower myself and rinse out the hair color.

Love to all and talk to you soon.  Hopefully.


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